Dogs Don't Look Both Ways back cover and back cover blurb


The Kindle Book Review
I have never, however, come to know a dog as deeply and intimately as I know Joey. I will not lie: Hanser was waging an uphill battle, trying to tell the story from the dog’s point of view. The book could have gone kitschy real fast, but Hanser pulled it out of "golly gee whillakers" cuteness-overload. Correction: Hanser let Joey pull it out.

Pamela King
Jane's writing is as enjoyable as Joey's story. While I am certain Joey dictated the story to Jane it was Jane's writing skills that polished the book.

Skye (Dog Evals)
Will the Real Author Please Stand Up?
I know a lot of readers don't like reading books that dogs have supposedly written. But I do. Perhaps I have only read those well-done, well-written books but I like getting into the mind of a dog to learn what makes him tick, what tickles his funny bone, how he observes us humans. What he thinks about and what he doesn't.  Dogs is written by Joey, the chocolate lab, though his personā's name appears on the cover as the author. Dogs is so well written that I invite those skeptical dog-author dislikers to check this book out. You might just love it like I did.

Jennifer Harris
Joey’s “voice” is just right, it’s simple, refreshing, and the voice of a real character–including repeated habitual actions and phrases that define him just as any well-done human character in a novel might be. I do believe Jane Hanser has gotten about as far into a dog’s head as any human being can go.

You really felt that the thoughts, plans and views were “all Joey”.  It was a pure joy to get a glimpse of Joey’s world and his endless curiosity of the world around him. Written from Joey’s point of view provided a very unique reading experience that was both fun and insightful.